At Tech Axion, we pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of technology to deliver top-notch solutions for our clients. Our talented team works with a diverse stack of modern tools and frameworks.

Front End

  • Leveraging HTML, CSS, and SCSS allows us to define site structure, style, and layout
  • jQuery enables us to add interactivity, animation, and functionality to web pages
  • Cross-browser and device compatibility is ensured for all front-end solutions
  • Our front-end development follows web design and development best practices
Front End development
Back End

Back End

  • .Net, PHP, and Node.js empower us to develop web apps, APIs, and microservices
  • Frameworks like ASP.NET, Laravel, and Express streamline our back-end development process
  • We optimize all back-end solutions for optimal performance, security, and reliability

Mobile (iOS, Android)

  • Advanced native and cross-platform mobile technologies are leveraged
  • iOS and Android development taps into the full potential of their respective platforms
  • Cross-platform mobile apps use Flutter and React Native for smooth, consistent operation
  • Our mobile solutions provide an engaging, functional, user-friendly experience
Mobile (iOS, Android)
Database (MS, SQL, MY SQL)

Database (MS, SQL, MY SQL)

  • Powerful, versatile database technologies meet our data storage and management needs
  • MS SQL and MySQL create the relational databases that organize our data
  • Tools like SSMS, MySQL Workbench, and stored procedures help us interact with databases
  • Database solutions are engineered for security, efficiency, and consistency

Cloud (AWS, Office 365)

  • We use AWS cloud services such as EC2, Lambda, and S3 for computing, storage, networking, analytics, and more. This allows us to build, run and manage flexible, cost-effective, reliable cloud-based solutions.
  • We leverage Office 365 apps and features to access cloud services and build solutions. This gives us a robust set of tools for productivity, collaboration, and communication.
  • By leveraging leading platforms like AWS and Office 365, we can take advantage of the latest cloud capabilities to host, deploy and scale our products efficiently and effectively.
  • Our use of these robust and comprehensive platforms ensures our cloud solutions are flexible, cost-effective, and reliable.
Cloud (AWS, Office 365)
Lets Talk
Lets Talk
Lets Talk

Let’s Talk

We believe that technology is not just a tool, but a creative force that can transform the world for the better. We are passionate about finding innovative solutions to the most challenging problems that our clients and society face.

If you are someone who gets excited by the prospect of providing solutions using technology, then you have the spark of a Techaxionion. A Techaxionion is a person who is curious, creative, and collaborative. If you think you have what it takes to be a Techaxionion, we would love to hear from you. Connect with us today and discover the opportunities that await you at Techaxion.